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Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments
Reiki Training


In Person (UK only)

In addition to teaching Reiki, treatments are also available in person in Littleborough, Lancashire.

A healing session is very simply performed. After an initial consultation, you lie fully clothed on the couch.  Reiki energy is then channelled into you by a series of hand positions from the head down the body.  Each position is just a light resting of the hands – no massage or manipulation. 

You may book a one hour session at £35 by email or phone on 07970 286665.

Distant Healing

If you have a problem travelling to Littleborough and still wish to have a treatment, Distant Healing is another way to receive the benefits of Reiki.  The procedure is the same as in person but a time and date is organised ahead of time.  At which time, you should lie down on the comfort of your own bed for the duration of the treatment.  

Many have experienced the same benefits as a treatment in person, including people that organise for Reiki to be sent to them at organised times during time spent abroad (on holiday, away on business, etc).

To book a session email or phone on 07970 286665.

What should you expect? 

Often during a treatment heat may be experienced from the therapist’s hands.  

The flow of energy can be felt in various ways. Often it is experienced as a lovely heat, which reaches deep inside the body. Sometimes it may feel cold or you may experience tingles, usually where a blockage is being cleared.

People may also find Reiki is like a deep meditation and pick up on colours, gain deeper understanding of your life or problem, get memories, visions or past life recall.  Sometimes there is spontaneous emotional release from areas that have been blocked off.

Some people don't feel any physical sensation at all but describe mental or emotional changes such as a sense of calmness or peace. Nearly everyone experiences a treatment as deeply relaxing.

Since Reiki creates balance on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level it is useful in all situations, either on its own or in conjunction with Western medical practice or other complementary treatment.  

Used regularly by individuals it can help recharge, align and rebalance energy in the body.

For minor problems or short term goals one or two sessions may be enough. For significant problems the best results are achieved by three to four sessions three to four days running then weekly sessions spreading out to fortnightly and monthly as the condition improves. 

You may book a one hour session at £35 by email or phone on 07970 286665.

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