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What is Reiki?

This section answers your questions about what Reiki is, how to get involved in Reiki and what to expect from a treatment/training session.

Reiki History

Would you like to understand more about the people that discovered this ancient form of healing?  This section looks at how it was found again.

Reiki Training

It is a difficult step fining the right Reiki Master to guide you along the Reiki path - this section looks at the questions you should be asking Reiki Masters and yourself.

Reiki Practitioners - Beginners

Even with a qualification there are moments when you forget certain points, need clarification or find you are stuck.  This section can help jog your memory.

Reiki Practitioners - Advanced

Although you are qualified, sometimes it is good to be able to test ideas or share issues with others.  This section is looking at areas for discussion.


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