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Helen Wilkins
Reiki Master/Alternative Therapy Trainer

Having accumulated several years of training experience (since 1996), Helen started training hard and soft skills around Europe for a large well-known corporate company.  She acquired her training skills through a number of recognised training bodies with her main qualifications coming from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development).

During this time she became involved with Reiki and other alternative/complementary therapies and developed a keen interest in how a person can 'help themselves' to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle and attitude.

In 2002, she wanted to put this into practice and decided to set up her own training, specialising in alternative and complementary therapies.

All the courses provided are written by Helen, including all design work, to ensure it is tailored to each courses' specific needs and objectives.




Our Pledge

We aim to provide you with high quality courses and support by:

  • Making all our courses clear and precise, using plain English

  • Easy to follow step by step instructions

  • Providing necessary support to help you learn

  • Detailed manuals to illustrate and aid learning



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